For Men

The After Shave Balm Family

Outgoing product

100 ml / 3,4 fl.oz.

The fresh after shave balm gently soothes, moisturises, refreshes your skin. The non-greasy, light balm is easily absorbed into your skin, leaving it revitalised and smooth...

Soliteint "La Bohéme" After Shave Balm

50 ml

Soothes after shaving. Cools, nourishes and hydrates facial skin. Alcohol and colour free, suitable for sensitive skin. Pleasant striking fragrance lasts all day. The calming solution! ...

La Boheme refreshing non-foaming shaving gel

50 ml

Soliteint dynamic, masculine fragrance non-foaming shaving gel assures comfortable, precise shaving. It helps smooth strokes of the razor so it preventing injuries during the shave...

La Boheme cooling energizing Men's cream

50 ml

Vitalizing face cream is designed for men. One of its important components, EnergenTM was tested exclusively on men...

Nourishing Energising Cream for Men

Outgoing product

50 ml / 5,1 fl.oz.

With the energy of Q10 coensim, it helps the natural regeneration of men's face...